Private VIP-trip to Marrakech

This arrangement differed from our previous assignment because it was a birthday celebration for a private party. The client wished to take his family and friends on private plans for a weekend with activities and one hell of a party, abroad.
The client invited about 300 guests, but the trick was that the guests didn’t know where they were going. The destination was unknown. The task for Great Events of Sweden and Eventguiden was to coordinate invitations, activities, transfer, accommodation, dinner and party at a destination outside of Sweden, all under secrecy.
It was decided that the party was going to be held in Marrakech, Morocco. Two airplanes were chartered for the guests, one from Stockholm and one from Copenhagen, with approximately 150 guests in each plane. At the airport in Marrakech, they were greeted by music and dancing performed by local artists. The guests were to experience a weekend filled with activities, crazy parties, DJs, dinner, speeches and as the great finale – a saxophonist performing while riding a camel through the diningroom. All in true Arabian nights spirit, at the most beautiful location you can imagine.