In January 2015, Smile clinics had a need to gather all of their staff from around the country. The purpose was to inspire and educate their colleagues, while creating a sense of recognition and belonging. At this specific event there were 700 employees invited.
Great Events of Sweden and Eventguiden was tasked to find a unique place that went well with the feeling for the conference. The project management was to arrange accommodation for two nights as well as the two theme parties, invitations, activities, meals and administration of the guests.
The peaceful and inspiring environment at Yasuragi Hasseludden was a great place for the 400 arriving guests to stay overnight. The first night started out perfect, including a live band playing karaoke and all guests being dressed up in disco clothing. During day one the employees engaged in exciting lectures. Day two the guests participated in a movie activity that by the end of the day finished with a sparkling Oscars gala.