Work with us

We will first contact you to book a personal meeting for the opportunity to hear how you describe the purpose of the event. It is very important for the planning process to start with the right analysis of an event, come up with a product that you desire and an event to be long remembered.
We need your personal opinions, company culture, time of the year, budget and location.

From there on, we will start designing the event and focus on how to give the message that you wish to provide the audience with. Through their eyes, taste, touch, smell, and hearing we can help you create the right experience.
The more time you provide us to prepare your event, the better the product and cost effective solution we create.

While going through details, many choices are made using your budget, and it will help us with the selection. If you do not have a set budget from the start, we can help build one after your wishes.
Let us take care of the invitations, activities, accommodation, transfer, food, the meeting itself, and of course proper monitoring and evaluation.
Great Event is your obvious partner for large meetings.